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Can a Sound Bath Make You Feel Sick?

young woman not feeling well with hand to her forehead

Hey there! Let's chat about something curious: can sound healing, known for its relaxing vibes, but can a sound bath make you feel sick? We're going to look into this with an open mind and a touch of fun.

Sound healing uses different sounds to help you relax. It's usually a smooth ride, but sometimes, it can make people feel dizzy or nauseous. This isn't because the music's off-key, but because of how our bodies react to the deep cleaning of emotions and toxins that sound healing can trigger.

When you're in a sound healing session, the vibrations help your body start its own healing. This can stir up old emotions and release toxins, sort of like a detox. This is a good thing because it means healing is happening, but it can also make you feel a little off, like when you clean your house and kick up dust.

Feeling a bit dizzy or nauseous during or after sound healing is like a signal from your body. It's saying, "We're getting rid of the bad stuff, and it might feel weird for a bit." It's temporary and part of the healing journey.

So, yes, sound healing can sometimes make you feel not so great, but it's all part of the healing process. Your body is doing some heavy lifting, cleaning out the old to make room for the new.

If sound healing has you feeling a bit off, take it easy and remember, it's all part of the path to feeling better. Keep going, and trust in the process. 🎵✨


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