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Finding Freedom: Empowering Women to Move Beyond Trauma

Unlocking Inner Resilience Through Trauma Releasing Exercise, Yoga, and Sound Therapy

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Supporting Women to Heal from Trauma


Healing from trauma can be an arduous and prolonged process for many women. Conventional talk therapy often falls short of fully releasing the tension and pain stored within the body. That's where Ruth Day’s Trauma Releasing Workshops come in. As an expert in holistic and scientifically based approaches, she offers a transformative somatic healing experience that combines trauma-releasing exercises (TRE), yoga, breathing techniques, and sound therapy. Join me in this blog post as we explore how Ruth Day is revolutionizing women's healing journeys.

The Power of Somatic Healing:

Unlike traditional talk therapy, this approach centers on the body rather than solely the mind. Through TRE, women learn simple exercises that activate the body's natural reflexes, facilitating the release of deeply held tension and trauma. According to Ruth, "TRE is a simple, safe, and effective way to activate the body's natural healing process. By engaging in these exercises, women can liberate themselves from the weight of the past by releasing stored tension in their muscles and tissues."

Understanding the Body's Role:

During the sessions, Ruth guides participants through a process that addresses stored trauma, calms the nervous system, and fosters centeredness. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of trauma, its connection to the body, and the locations where it is stored. Moreover, they learn how to release trauma and prevent further accumulation. Ruth explains the intricate relationship between trauma and connective tissue (fascia), the psoas muscle, and the vagus nerve, elucidating how these areas hold trauma and how they can be utilized for its release.

A Holistic Approach:

However, TRE is just the beginning. Ruth's workshops incorporate additional elements such as yoga and sound therapy, resulting in a holistic approach to healing. Through simple and accessible yoga poses and breathing exercises, women develop a newfound connection with their bodies. Sound therapy harnesses the power of sound to shift energy and release negative emotions. The workshops also include well-researched breathing techniques aimed at calming the nervous system.

Realignment and Balance:

Through yoga postures and chakra-focused practices, Ruth facilitates the realignment and balance of key energy centers, including the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Heart chakras. Sound therapy, more on this below, complements the healing process, culminating in a comprehensive transformation.

Empowering Women:

At Ruth Day Yoga, women are encouraged to reclaim agency over their healing process. Participants are reminded of their body's innate wisdom and taught to trust themselves on their healing journey, fostering self-empowerment. "I believe that women are the experts of their own bodies," says Day. "That's why I provide a safe and supportive environment where women can explore their healing at their own pace."

Sharing Knowledge for Collective Healing:

Ruth passionately shares her techniques, ensuring accessibility for all. By freely disseminating the process, she understands that the positive impact on even one person ripples through their immediate surroundings and communities. Her ultimate goal is to create a profound domino effect of healing.

Beyond Trauma: Expanding Possibilities:

Small Group Sessions

The small group setting of the workshops provides a supportive and nurturing environment where participants can connect with others who have experienced similar struggles. Sharing their stories and learning from one another's journeys creates a sense of camaraderie and solidarity, fostering a deeper sense of healing.

Private Sessions

In addition to small group workshops, Ruth offers personalized one-on-one sessions for those seeking individualized attention and guidance. These sessions incorporate additional techniques such as Active Imagination, Yoga Nidra, and Neurographic drawing to name a few, to connect with the subconscious mind, enhancing the transformative potential of the healing process.

Ruth Day's approach goes beyond traditional talk therapy, recognizing that trauma is not just a mental experience but deeply rooted in the body. By addressing the physical aspects of trauma, participants can access a more profound level of healing. The teachings from renowned books like "The Body Keeps the Score" and "Waking the Tiger" inform and enrich Ruth's workshops, ensuring a scientifically based and holistic approach to trauma recovery.

Benefits and Beyond:

The benefits of participating in Ruth Day's trauma-releasing workshops are numerous. First and foremost, women gain a sense of empowerment and control over their healing process. They learn to trust their bodies and tap into their innate wisdom. This newfound self-awareness extends far beyond the workshop sessions, permeating into their daily lives and relationships.

The integration of yoga into the workshops offers physical movement and breathwork practices that support the release of trauma held in the body. Through gentle postures and breathing exercises, women learn to reconnect with their bodies, rebuild trust, and establish a compassionate relationship with themselves. The addition of chakra-focused practices helps restore energetic balance and alignment, amplifying the healing process.

Sound therapy, another integral component, harnesses the power of vibration and resonance to facilitate emotional release and energetic shifts. Instruments like crystal and metal singing bowls, percussion instruments, and solfeggio tuning pipes create a soothing and transformative sonic environment. The specific frequencies used, including the 528hz frequency, are carefully chosen to complement and enhance the healing journey.

Breathwork techniques incorporated throughout the workshops play a crucial role in calming the nervous system. By learning and practicing simple, adaptive, accessible and very effective breathing exercises, women acquire a valuable tool to regulate their own emotions, reduce anxiety, and promote overall well-being.

Ruth Day's trauma-releasing workshops provide a unique and comprehensive approach to healing for women aged 25-65 who have experienced trauma. By combining TRE, yoga, sound therapy, breathwork, and other techniques, participants can embark on a transformative journey that transcends and complements traditional talk therapy. The deep release of tension, the reconnection with the body, and the restoration of inner balance pave the way to freedom from the weight of trauma.

If you're ready to go beyond traditional talk therapy and explore a whole-body holistic approach to trauma recovery, Ruth Day's workshops are here to support you. Join the growing community of women who have discovered the transformative power of somatic healing and tap into your inner resilience. It's time to find freedom and reclaim your life.

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